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wire-looping pliers

Wire-Looping & Spiral Pliers 

New Innovated Tool

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Adjustment Pliers
Gripping Pliers
Screw Extractring
Nose Pad Arm Adjusting Pliers
Deblocker Pliers
Snip Chain NosePliers
Parallel Jaw Pliers
Rimless Compression Pliers
Pro Line Pliers

The Bristal optical supply hand tool manufacturing company since 1980. We manufacture optical tool pliers and assortment by giving state of the art manufacturing facilities to our qualified workers to meet the optician’s expectations. We produce the full range of optical tools, pliers, cutters and assortments.

All tools are made with stainless steel. We give the dull mate finish and mirror polish finish to the tools.

Different style of the handles of pliers is available. You can order us your required finish and style of pliers handles and logo printing. Mostly optical tools are packed in the plastic bags; however, you may order us for special packing like leather kit bags. All our manufactured optical tools have 100% manufacturing guarantee. Optical tools can be supplied by courier, air, postal or by sea all over the world. We accept the payment by PayPal, bank transfer, western union, credit card or by bank cheque. For any further information please contact

Bristal Optical Supply.

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