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Hilco Vision

33 W Bacon St, Plainville, MA 02762, United States

Amcon Labs: lens cleaner, optical supplies

Amcon offers a comprehensive line of optical supplies, ophthalmic supplies and optical retail accessories that can meet the needs of any optical professional. Our wide range of over 4,000 optical, lab, contact lens, pharmaceutical and examination products, available at everyday low prices makes us a true "one stop shop" for your practice.

Opti Source

OptiSource International carries a wide selection of optical supplies, equipment and accessories at the lowest prices available. Serving opticians, optometrists ...

Optical Tool Kits · ‎Accessories · ‎Lens Cleaners · ‎Frame Parts

Laramy-K Optical

Our long-term goal with this channel is to provide a more accessible and higher level of education for opticians everywhere. If you like the free weekly video training and would like to support our effort, or would just like to have access to even more high-quality optician training, please consider becoming a member of Better yet, open a Laramy-K Optical lab account for your uncut work and we'll throw in the OpticianWorks memberships for free! Your staff and your customers will thank you! Laramy-K Optical - A different kind of optical wholesale lab: digital, uncut-only, and independent to the core.

Welcome to Santinelli International!

For nearly 45 years, we've remained family-owned and managed, and just as passionate as ever about helping our clients succeed. Our "client-validated" and award-winning lens finishing equipment and service are at the core of the unique Santinelli Experience™. The entire Team, led by company President & CEO Gerard Santinelli, thanks you for visiting our website and we look forward to continuously exceeding your expectations.

Our long-term involvement and commitment to the industry begins with the founder of our company, Joseph Santinelli. As a young man, Joe was intrigued by his Uncle Arthur’s optical business. A. Lemay & Co developed and distributed lens finishing equipment. Joe started out learning about the business from the bottom up and has never stopped!

One of Joe’s most notable contributions is his role in the development of the industry’s first diamond bevel edger in 1955: the Diamaline Automatic Bevel Edger.

The Diamaline Automatic Bevel Edger was revolutionary as it introduced the first diamond bevel wheel, which rapidly replaced the ceramic bevel wheel. This facilitated the industry’s conversion from glass to plastic lenses which ushered in a new era in lens finishing.

In 1973, Joe went out on his own and founded Santinelli International, Inc. Subsequently, along with his son, Gerard, he has built the company to be the leader in lens finishing equipment. While the reins have been passed on to Gerard who is now President and CEO, Joe is still actively involved in the company as Chairman of the Board.

Other family members have joined the company through the years but even if your name isn’t Santinelli, we all pride ourselves on our personal dedication to each client.

We’re proud to be an independent, family-owned and managed company for all these years which is so rare these days. It enables us to be more responsive to our clients’ needs and adapt according to the market’s needs in general.

In an effort to give back to both the optical industry and the community, Santinelli has always been involved with many philanthropic organizations, including the Special Olympics and VSP Mobile Clinics.

After 40 years, we’re still based in Long Island, New York and still just as committed to the success of our clients.

How to Use Your Rimless Tools

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