Pro Line Pliers

2007087 cutter for nylon liner

For cutting the nylon liner inside the hole.
The narrow shape of the jaws and the filigree
cutting edges reduce the danger of
scratching the lenses.

2007090 Rimless Bushing Cutting Pliers


For use on three-piece rimless bushings exclusively. 
The cutting end is highly polished to eliminate the 
risk of damage to lenses; therefore using this on other 
materials is not recommended.


2007100 Pressing Pliers With Rotatable Jaws

Removing Pliers with Rotatable Jaws
To remove plastic sleeves from the drill holes of rimless frames such as
Silhouette “Minimal Art” or similar models. Rotatable jaw with vertical and
horizontal pins.

2007004 Nylon Eyewir Shaper Pliers 19 mm
Nylon Eyewire Shaper 19 mm
With plastic jaws, small version

2007094 Holding pliers

10 mm holding pliers . Concave and convex hole 10mm nylon pads

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