Parallel Jaw Pliers

2024004 Parallel jaw Oblique Head End Cutter


The great ergonomic cutter for special approach to tight spot hinge screws. 
The great cutting for all type of soft material screws.
Induction hardened edges .
Does not cut stainless steel screws

Part No 

Length: approx.   132MM
Weight: approx.   135 g
Material:Stainless steel
Finish:Dull mate
Handle:Stainless steel handle


2024006 Parallel jaw plier Flat Nose 

Flat Nose with straight jaws and 1/4 inch wide tips.
Grip range 0 to 5/16 inch; overall length 5 inches.

2024002 Parallel jaw plier

These imported 5-1/2" long parallel pliers have one jaw that is a tapered round and the other flat.  All the surfaces are smooth.
The tapered round jaw tapers from 6mm to 1.6mm and is 22mm long. Maximum jaw opening is 3/8", just a little over 9mm.  The jaws are 5/16" (7.5mm) wide

2024001 Parallel jaw plier

Jaws taper from 6.0mm to 1.5mm diameter along the jaws of 22mm length
 Overall size: 5.5”- 140 mm.
• Weight: 4.30oz. ~ 128g.

2024005 Parallel-Holding pliers 8 mm


Length: approx. 140 mm
Plastic jaws: 8 mm
Weight: 135 g

2024007 Parallel-Pressure Mount Plier 8 mm
Length: approx. 140 mm
With 2 plastic jaws with 8 mm width
Weight: approx. 140 g

2024008 Parallel Action Rimless Post Pulling Plier

Safely disengages the bridge and temple from compression rimless lenses.
Prevents lens breakage that results from the attempt to extract the post and 
tubing by hand.

2024009 Parallel Action Narrow End Flush Cutting Plier

Cutting the excess length from rimless compression tubing is easy and safe with 
the 5mm wide head.Rounded jaws prevent scratching the lens. Not recommended 
for use on metals.

2024010 Parallel Action Post pushing pliers


Easily and safly extract the post and tubing from a compression rimless lens.
This  simply to use tool combines tremendouspressure delicately and effortlessly
 applied to gently push out the post and tubing from the holes. Will not mar frames.
 Pins pivot easily to accommodate horizontal and vertical mounting systems.

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